Web hosting is incredibly important and all of our packages are optimised for your site. We understand the importance of your website and that’s why we think about all of the little things which affect how you interact with your users. Here’s a brief list of all of the considerations we make when we analyse your site:

  • Speed: we use powerful servers, Redis caching and CDNs such as Cloudflare and CloudFront
  • Location: we host your site in locations where the majority of your users are
  • Scalability: we want your business to keep growing and will make sure you’re covered long-term
  • Reliability: we boast one of the highest uptimes in the industry and, for additional peace of mind, we run daily backups
  • Security: multiple firewalls, regular scans and smart detection of malicious activity

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and access to some of the fastest datacentres on the planet, Glen Chess can power any website, big or small. Because we use all of our own servers, we know exactly how to optimise your website and keep it running. For additional information on our hosting solutions, use the following links to find our more: