What We’re All About

Glen Chess was established specifically to provide clients with a level of service completely unparalleled within the industry. Today we are proud to offer a 100% customer satisfaction rate, 97% of projects delivered on time and 98% of projects delivered on budget.

We welcome all clients, whether small, medium or large from both the private and public sectors.

We provide almost every aspect of IT service through our various brands. Each of our brands has a long history, offering services which are of a very high quality. We are proud of our reputation and our ability to provide clients with the very best services in the industry. We look forward to meeting many more clients and offering the same high levels of service we have enjoyed providing to others.

Glen Chess


The name Glen Chess comes from a property built on behalf of Herbert Ingram, a 19th century industrialist. He founded The Illustrated London News, the world’s first illustrated weekly news magazine. Ingram’s entrepreneurial spirit lives on and we pay tribute to his efforts in helping to bring clean drinking water to towns in the UK. That’s why 10% of our annual profits go towards helping to bring water to places where there is a serious shortage of safe drinking water.